Best Mother's Day Gift 2014

Best Mother's Day Gift 2014

Are you looking for the Best Mother's Day Gift 2014 but have no idea at all?

Well, in this entry, I will discuss with you some ideas on what to get for your mother's day.

Without a doubt, Mother's Day is the perfect day to show your appreciation to your mother for her hardwork, sacrifice, and unselfish attitude of hers to bring you up. True, any gift can warm her heart; but the perfect gift can melt her heart and bring tears of joy.

Every suggestion is rated from a scale of 1 to 5 hearts (bad to excellent) rating.

Now let's brainstorm and get some ideas!

Mother's Day Greeting Cards/Poems

mother's day greeting cards

Now you may wonder, "Wait, what? Why just 1 star?"

Unless you're a child (ages from 3-8 with the help of daddy), such gifts have pretty much no impact.
Your mom is just gonna smile when she receives it and put on the table... then everyone forgets about it within a day or 2. It just has no value unless it's from an infant!

If you're a teenager or an adult, I wouldn't even recommend giving mother's day greeting cards or poems. It's just too childish. The only time that it's okay to give greeting cards is when you're in overseas or far away from home.

Greeting cards are good if it is bundled with other gifts like roses, chocolates, bags, jewelries, .etc.

Roses for Mother's Day

Red roses can be sweet. Yes, women love roses but now you gotta think about this: how long can roses actually survive? 2-weeks? 1 Month?  Not to mention, now she has another thing to maintain and keep in mind everyday.

However, if you're an infant or teen (ages from 5-12), roses can be sweet and it will melt your mother's heart. But don't expect tears of joy. And if you're an adult, roses just aren't good enough as a gift for your mom.

Red roses can be a great complementary item when given with other gifts (e.g: bags, jewelries, .etc). It is definitely way more better and impactful than gift cards.

You can order roses with bundled gifts from Amazon here: Roses For Mother's Day

Kitchen Gifts For Mother's Day

Kitchen gifts are great because it can be used for a very long time. Not only that, everytime she sees the item, she will remember of you and the memorable day she received it.

However ,every kitchen gift has different results. If you were to give spoons or teacups, she would perceive it as a small gift. But if you were to give items like a microwave, or exotic china, she would definitely be happy. Gifts like microwaves or kitchen utensils will make her job easier in the kitchen; while items like china or expensive plates can make her proud to boast to house guests.

Again, you can check out Amazon's list of kitchen gifts: Kitchen Gifts For Mother's Day

Women Bags for Mother's Day

Women loves bags! Think about it... it is something they wear in public! The more classy and expensive it is; the more they are happy to have it! It definitely serves a great gift for mother's day as she can tell her friends how filial and sweet her child is for getting her 'this bag'!

Of course, I can't tell you which bag is recommended. Thankfully, again, Amazon has a great list of recommendations. Just check it out here: Bags For Mother's Day

Tip: Put a small bouquet of roses (3 stalks or so) or/with a greeting card inside the bag! Imagine, she receives the bag and she's smiling in joy; then she opens the bag and she sees the greeting card message and roses... it's gonna melt her heart so much!

Shoes For Mother's Day

Yeap! Women loves shoes!

Just look at her current collection of shoes to get an idea of what kind she loves. If she has more flats, get her that. If she loves high heels, get her that!

Jewelries For Mother's Day

"Jewelry is Women's Best Friend" - as cliche as it is, it is true.

Your mother can wear it everyday or in special occasions. Not only that, she can use that as a topic or to boast to her friends that it is a special gift from you! Jewelries has the biggest impact because she would definitely be in tears of joy! It is the ultimate gift as compared to others.

However, if you want to make it even more impactful, bundle it with roses or a greeting card!
Or you can surprise her during your family dining at home/restaurant!

Check out these awesome and beautiful jewelries that every mother would want!

Jewelries For Mother's Day

I hope this article has helped you! Happy Mother's Day everyone!